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I have been honored to have served as your City Councilmember this past year and a half and while we have accomplished much, there is still much work to do. 


As a community, we are facing rising costs of living, skyrocketing rents, unjust evictions, displacement, drought and climate change, and more. I will make it my mission to fight to ensure that the quality of life for all of our residents is top priority, including by:


  • Address displacement and gentrification in District 5

  • Continue to work to make housing more affordable

  • Bring new parks and green open spaces to Old Town and clean up Airport Blvd, including east of 101, beautify Pecks Lot, and other areas that have been far neglected for way too long and create a safer Linden Avenue corridor with better lighting

  • Support investments and better access for Seniors

  • Bring about strong mental health services and programs to our community

  • Expand childcare and preschool access and services

  • Address climate change and sustainability

  • Support Local Community-based Economic Development 


To facilitate positive change in our city, it’s important that we all work together. I will collaborate with our local businesses, nonprofits, and residents to present bold solutions for the various issues that we face today. I’ll take necessary action to ensure that all our working families are able to thrive, and make sure that nobody in our community is left behind.


Several areas within District 5 have been designated as “high risk” for gentrification. Gentrification affects our working families and the working extremely low income more harshly than any other group. I am committed to keeping the needs of our existing community in mind and understand the fear many are feeling of being pushed out of our community.

Image by Matt Moloney

Housing Affordability

Housing is a human right. We must do all we can to ensure that we can make South City a more equitable and affordable place for people to live and thrive in.

Bringing New Parks/Open Green Spaces and Beautification to District 5

Our city must expand funding into direct services and programs within each of our traditionally under-resourced neighborhoods in District 5 to address our community’s systemic and institutional neglect.


Support investments and better access for Seniors

As South City's older born and raised generations transition to retirement age and enter our older adult group, I want to create a new paradigm of “connected” supportive aging services that improves lifelong wellness and accessibility around town.

Expand childcare and preschool access and services

Every day, millions of our working parents struggle with keeping their careers on track while raising their children.


Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Programs to our community

Our City is facing a major mental health crisis that has been worsened by the struggles of a long pandemic. I will continue to advocate for the expansion of services and programs that directly address mental health prevention and care.

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in District 5

Working towards a carbon-neutral and sustainable South City is one of my top priorities–we must lead by example at the local level to go above and beyond in mitigating the effects of climate change.


Support Local Community-based Economic Development

As a long-time supporter of our downtown small businesses, I will continue to utilize our resources to uplift the voices of our “shop-local” business community.


As you can see this is work that takes all of us neighbors, community partners, families and residents to be able to bring about the help and resources our District 5 needs. Please Get Involved and sign up to get updates on our campaign and get informed on how to volunteer.

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